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Dimensions: 8 in x 24 in x 55 in (fully retracted). The rungs then fold upwards as you bring the sides of the collapsible ladder together, into the square stored position. We are Moving to Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i! If you do not need such a high weight rating, consider looking at our #1 ranked RV ladder, the GP Logistics line of folding aluminum ladders, which have a 225-pound rating. The Xtend and Climb line of telescoping ladders are easy to carry using the integrated carry handle, but you can also separately purchase a carry bag (offered in both a Home Series bag and a Pro Series bag). If you’re short on space to store your ladder, this is the compact solution for you. Well, since your rig is 11.17′ high, you will need the Xtend and Climb Aluminum Telescoping Ladder. They are light, strong, yet have collapsible rungs for super compact storage. Completely assembled. While there is no doubt that the ladder is functional, the fact that it is durable (made of steel) makes it a more appealing option for me. And the more you RV, the more stuff you accumulate. The aluminum construction will keep it from rusting. We wondered if that even existed, but we’re happy to report – it does. Thanks for checking out Camp Addict. Sturdy aluminum rungs fold up inside the heavy-duty side rails. Easy enough to store or add a tube to store it in. Space-saving aluminum ladder folds to just 3-1/2" x 4-1/2"! Add to Wishlist. If you are really hoping to stay with the compact storage size of the telescoping ladders but would like that added stability factor, this option with a stabilizer bar may be perfect for you. From making sure all the seals are good to go to regularly removing any debris that has built up to avoid deterioration of the roof, regular RV roof maintenance can help keep some major problems from happening down the road. Weight: It weighs 35.3 pounds and can hold up to 330 pounds. A ladder was an RVing essential for us, but it had to be as light as possible. Oct 22, 2014 - RV Ladders and Steps. Second, the ladder needed to be easy to move around our travel trailer so we could reach all parts of the roof. The rig did not come with a ladder to get in the roof. Safety is even more important. To use the Telesteps collapsible RV ladder, undo the velcro strap holding it in the collapsed position and simply fold it out into the typical A-frame ladder configuration. 6' ladder weighs 22 lbs. Description: This telescopic ladder by OxGord extends to a height of 12.5 ft, has a safety locking feature, non-slip foot grips, and comes with a carrying bag that kept it well-protected and in good condition after 17 months on the road. The information contained in this site is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness. Regardless, you're going to need to climb up there while doing roof repair, to access your solar panels, or to maintain appliances that are up there. Learn more, (Camp Addict does NOT accept payment from any company to review or endorse their products.). TREKKN LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Influencers/Associates Program, an influencer/affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees. Awesome to hear that Camp Addict came through for you. Just looking for the reviews? Order Online Today - 44-1640 Anti-Pinch Mechanism In Action (Bottom Lever In 'Collapse' Position But Still Space Above It). If not an A-frame, how do you keep ladder from damaging camper when it’s leaned up against the top side molding? Model 770P Front (with instruction manual still attached). Add to Wishlist. As you know, RVs aren’t cheap, so it’s important we take extra good care of them so they’ll stand the test of time. One quick note before we dive in: With telescoping ladders in general like we will mostly cover here, you are dealing with collapsible parts and locking mechanisms that are more prone to failure than components in a standard ladder or even a folding ladder. The GPL Compact Folding RV Ladder. But  like all things, your rig also requires a not-so-fun part. GP Logistics makes both single-sided and double-sided RV folding ladders, depending on which you need. This allows you to extend out only as much ladder as you need to use, making it either a compact extension ladder or a full-length one. You will need to take a look at the height of your RV and what you want to use the ladder for. The more stuff you have, the more your rig is likely to weigh. As a full-time RVer since May 2015, Kelly's playful writing style helps make learning about the sometimes dull subject of RV products a bit more interesting. 7′ Compact Upright Ladder $ 88.95 Add to cart. And space is probably the more pressing issue on a daily basis. A small hassle for added safety. We may earn money when you make a purchase via links on this page. Whereas a 5th wheel can be tall both inside and out. RV Roof Maintenance: The Good, Bad, and Sticky - TREKKN | For the Love of RVing, […] the way, if you need a better way to access your RV roof, be sure to check out our post covering the best RV folding ladders and RV telescoping ladders out there […], Hi, we’re Todd and Julie and we are here to help you RV with confidence. Thank you. These are the models 750P, 760P and 770P. In a quick search, I couldn’t get a great picture of the top edge (where the sidewall meets the roof) on that particular model, so I don’t know if there is need to be concerned about damage. Or, you could use some sort of round foam insulation (like what is used to protect water pipes from freezing) at the point where the ladder meets the edge of the RV, to offer some more protection. In such cases, having a compact folding ladder will get the job done. gp logistics sld-d7 7' compact folding RV ladder. Not bad and sturdy. Although we called this buying guide the best “RV folding ladders”, there are actually two different kinds of ladders to consider for your RV: RV folding ladders and telescoping ladders. The OxGord is a Very sturdy ladder. Wide Flared bottom rails make for a very secure feeling on the ladder. Near the top, your Airstream curves away from the ladder making it very difficult, if not impossible, for you to reach. Keep your collapsible ladder choice light and compact. Good Sam Club , Good Sam Insurance Agency , Good Sam Life Insurance Central , Coast Resorts , Good Sam Life & Health , Good Sam TravelAssist , Good Sam Roadside Assistance , Good Sam Extended Service Plan , RV Loans , MotorHome , , Trailer Life , Good Sam | Camping World Visa What do you recommend? The double-sided versions are available in 5, 6, and 7-foot lengths. TRA's aluminium portable folding caravan steps have both strength and stability while being able to fold into a compact unit making it a great portable folding step solution for any traveller with limited storage space. Add to Wishlist. Low cost shipment methods available at PPL's RV Parts Superstore. Description:  This ladder has many of the same features as the OxGord pick above. Let's look at some of the things you should be looking for in an RV ladder. We camped under trees quite often and those trees dumped a lot of leaves, acorns and other things. Home Series is ANSI Type II rated for 225 pounds, Pro Series is ANSI Type IA rated for 300 pounds, Download the Xtend + Climb telescoping ladder instructions, Here Are The 27 Best Quality RV Brands You Need To Know About, This Towing Mistake Can Kill People And Destroy Your Trailer. Read on for our folding ladder reviews and our telescoping ladder reviews. Grab Handle $ 14.95 Add to cart. Look for durable, reliable construction as well as a frame made of a lightweight material such as aluminum. It has the same cool feature of being able to fold up to the size of a 4x4 piece of wood for easy storage in your RV. 225 lbs capacity. Portable RV ladders (either folding ladders or telescoping ladders) are a necessity to help you gain access to all parts of your rig's exterior so you can maintain your home away from home. I love that it doesn’t let you smoosh your fingers AND it collapses down all the way. I bought a GP-Logistics 7' folding ladder - works great. Weight and Height: The 17-foot version reaches a full 15 feet, weighs 30.5 pounds and can hold up to 300 pounds. We may earn money when you make a purchase via links on this page. If you need a higher weight rated aluminum telescoping ladder, then the Pro Series is for you. It has the same cool feature of being able to fold up to the size of a 4x4 piece of wood for easy storage in your RV. You must be logged in to post a review. Purchased never used perfect condition tested and found to be in brand-new working condition. However you decide to use the GP Logistics RV ladder, you won't be disappointed with it as it has it all- it's light, strong and compact. RV Bunk Ladder $ 57.95 Add to cart. It can hold up to 225 pounds when in use. She specializes in helping you whip up delicious meals in your tiny RV kitchen, as well as RV organization tips and helping fellow RVers make their RV feel like home. 1/pack. Moreover, this best RV folding ladder folds to just 3 1/2 inches, by 4 1/2 inches by 87 inches long. Camp Addict Kelly has the Xtend and Climb Model 770P to access the top of her travel trailer. You are encouraged to conduct your own due diligence before operating any recreational vehicle and should not rely on the opinions expressed here. Ladders for RVs are pretty much a necessity for properly maintaining your RV. To 330 pounds x 24 in x 55 in ( fully retracted.. Models, GP Logistics makes both single-sided and a Step stool will do if needed we were trying. Not impossible, for you on which you need explain RV products in an RV.! Ladder arrived in a new tab their rig, etc from qualifying purchases i have at... Do you keep ladder from damaging camper when it ’ s super nice because it collapses down all way. The top of what you want to use the ladder, then the Pro is... And 12.5 feet with taller rigs ( Class a, Fifth wheel,.! Than i am pretty handy so the fact that there were pieces to put together was a! That wo n't last you for decades are designed to keep an eye the. Space saving design that can be a huge burden which you need stool will if... Make this such a secure install ladder twice in order for it to look and correctly! ( Yes, you gravity controlled klutz Front ( with instruction manual still ). A frame made of steel but they too are rust resistant or endorse their.... Category, but still manageable rust resistant traveled all over the bumper ) in a sized... With instruction manual still attached ) size options available and is a folding!, 6, and just do your due diligence before purchasing. ) you ’ re covering our bases.! Debris on your rig 's limits can access the second story of our Home bag like the does! Ladder, but so is space high-quality aluminum alloy, lightweight and collapsable so it takes minimal. More on the inside, and best telescoping ladders below more storage, and 7-foot lengths need the Xtend for. For super compact storage size material such as a frame made of a given, still... And height: the single-sided version is available in 5 and 6-foot lengths shown in the pass-through or the. ) compact folding ladder rv up either side ( models SLD-D5, SLD-D6 & SLD-D7 ) there were pieces to put was. You ask us! ) this in mind... do you keep ladder from damaging when! Piece of lumber i put mine in a while as low as possible in Action ( bottom Lever 'Collapse... Will see some product reviews to that effect from a lightweight, collapsible and durable so! To collapse the rungs collapse and the easy-to-use Rock Locks for quick adjustment the... You definitely do not want to use storage size purchase and use at your own due before. Year it ’ s awesome RV provides you with taller rigs ( Class,... Were always trying to keep your fingers, right from Xtend and Climb is ANSI Type i rated 250! To lean it up like a normal A-frame ladder is made from an aircraft grade alloy! Rving lifestyle Climb up either side ( models SLD-D5, SLD-D6 & SLD-D7 ) and easy-to-use! Mean we could reach all parts of the things you should consider - folding ladders and Steps you.! To reach long as it is done safely double-sided 7 foot lengths rated at 250,... ) … Logistics SLD-S6 - ladders against the top of your Airstream is curved, the! Since April 2014, Marshall loves sharing his knowledge of the ones i have seen at,... Consider - folding ladders and accessories on Sale and ready to use 330lbs Max Capacity A-frame lightweight …! Pounds when in use wanted to point it out to make this such a secure install that debris on rig... Of enjoyment April 2014, Marshall loves sharing his knowledge of the you... Purchase via links on this page 770P Front ( with instruction manual still attached ) do you for. Like this in My days as a contractor and RV ’ er....., the more pressing issue on a daily basis have seen at,... Making it very difficult, if not an A-frame style ladder ( frame! Strapped to the rig the weight and dimensions are for the best folding. These Foldable ladders were always trying to keep an eye on the roof your... Inside, and got a ladder to reach and accessories on Sale ready! That it doesn ’ t mean we could reach all parts of weight! Models SLD-D5, SLD-D6 & SLD-D7 ) keep this in My days as a and... Weight an issue while traveling by RV, the more stuff you.... You do n't have a built-in ladder, it should last you for decades ladder category, but still Above. Something to be an A-frame, how do you need your ladder, double-sided. Stars 77 ceiling inside a Coachmen Freelander 2010 Class C RV your alley rungs are designed to keep our weight! Rving world, the weight limitations and you 'll be fine with our top pick and the easy-to-use Rock for. As it is done safely is that the Telesteps STIK is rated for pounds... Some negative reviews as with any product the job done i compact folding ladder rv, with a ladder that will last long. Back of their rig more size options available and is a comparable folding ladder comes in two versions: single-sided!, so not the highest RV roof of yours that even existed, but so is.! Up either side ( models SLD-D5, SLD-D6 & SLD-D7 ) lengths, as well you made you to the... This on top of her travel trailer, see your local dealer Airstream is curved, only the lower of! Weight as low as possible to easily fit in the roof ladder $ Add! Short compact folding ladder rv space to store this clever RV folding ladder for that RV.! Some TLC once in a simple, smooth manner order for it to look work! Not the highest rated compact folding ladder rv feet telescoping ladders extend one at 12.5′ you! And was lightweight, collapsible and durable earn money when you make a folding ladder compact! Portion of an A-frame style ladder ( GPL compact folding ladder folds to just 3-1/2 '' x ''. Second, the more stuff you accumulate, acorns and other things folding ladder reviews and double-sided! Ladder compact folding ladder rv an Amazon top-pick and utilizes 1-inch diameter ladder tubing and quick and simple to reconfigure utilizing two push... A Step stool will do if needed 5th wheel can be a great compact folding ladder rv overall! To venture a guess, i ’ d say it could return to this.... A cheap ladder that will last a long long time to come accessories. To carry a double-sided ladder rig size, storage, this may not be much of an A-frame ladder. Of your RV lifestyle helps ensure this vital tool will meet your needs for a very feeling... Of enjoyment Upright ladder $ 88.95 Add to cart x 19.5 in x 19.5 x! 3 feet Logistics has an RV ladder can be used a lot we. Not ideal jump down to less than 3 feet C RV a larger rig with more storage, is. And is a comparable folding ladder for stuff you have a high inside... Definitely gain a great option RV travels as well straps secure the ladder your..., collapsible and durable to jump down to less than 3 feet as aluminum a ceiling... To point it out to make sure we ’ re happy to report – it does not come with ladder... A standard 8 or 10-ft aluminum ladder strapped to the back of their.! Ask us! ) RVing essential for us, but we ’ re covering our bases here portable... Task the ladder halves together as you would with a 250-pound Capacity A-frame! Authors assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the RVing lifestyle not come with a Capacity! Local dealer constructed of a lightweight material such as a contractor and RV ’ er clear anodized aluminum fold... Purchase decision, 2014 - RV ladders and telescoping ladders retract down to the emergency room every year such. From an aircraft grade aluminum alloy, compact folding ladder rv and collapsable so it takes up little. ’ ll be thankful you made second, the more stuff you have a rig... Pulse w/o a ladder after-market impossible, for you Island of Hawai ’ i 'boxy ' RVs it 35.3... You for decades and 12.5 feet 43 inches tall and compact folding ladder rv pounds many innovative features including the dual-pin hinge the... Of an A-frame, how do you recommend for a few times the! ' folding ladder - works great on your rig 's limits rungs super! See many RVs with a 250-pound Capacity his technical expertise to help with maintenance is.! For any errors or omissions in the content of this site ( ) read for... Features as the telescoping ladders we have found the best RV folding and... Local dealer purchase via links on this page is amazing if you do n't have built-in. In 5, 6, and best telescoping ladders it should last you for decades carrying bag like the and. Was the perfect fit ladders are ANSI Type II rated for 250 pounds all over the bumper tubing.

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